Les gaufres d'Augustin(Franchise-Franchising) :The Belgian Waffles-Les gaufres belges [Franchiser of a global salesconcept of belgian artisanal waffles] Belgique,Belgïe,Belgium: la gaufre belge au sucre: aux pépites sucrées ou fourrées.

Why develop a specific concept for Augustin's Waffles?

I inherited the taste for delicious sweet or stuffed waffles from my father, Gaston Peiffer, himself a waffle producer in the past and would like to share this pleasure with you and the greatest number of people around the world. To ensure that I was able to do this, producing high quality waffles alone was not enough so I developed a concept that would show consumers how Augustin's Waffles is a product of standing.

The decoration of the stand is classy, leaving an impression of quality and - without really exaggerating - luxury. Don't forget that the appetite is stimulated by eating but first by the eyes and the pleasure of seeing. Having a concept that stands out by the quality and professionalism of the presentation enables consumers to immediately recognise Augustin's Waffles and sets us apart from competitors. I can ensure you that this will have a very positive effect on the client when he makes his choice !