Les gaufres d'Augustin(Franchise-Franchising) :The Belgian Waffles-Les gaufres belges [Franchiser of a global salesconcept of belgian artisanal waffles] Belgique,Belgïe,Belgium: la gaufre belge au sucre: aux pépites sucrées ou fourrées.

Who is concerned by the sales of Augustin's Waffles?

I am sure of one thing: Augustin's Waffles is a promising concept - very promising. Therefore, any responsible person, interested in being involved in a money-making activity will find in the concept, a highly satisfactory way to earn a living.

I do not want to limit the interested public to a certain social level, or with a certain education. If motivation is a driving force, the concept is open to anyone.

If you already have a commercial activity and you would like to branch out or completely change directions, the concept of Augustin's Waffles is for you. If the sedentary aspect of a retail business does not appeal to you and you prefer a more nomadic business style, then the concept of Augustin's Waffles is for you. If you are involved in a charity, youth movements, etc., the concept of Augustin's Waffles is for you. If you like to manage a team, then acquiring several stands and managing their sites and personnel as well as stocks will be satisfying, with no two days alike. The concept of Augustin's Waffles is also for you.

No matter what your background or your social class, only your own motivation will make you a good retailer of Augustin's Waffles!