Les gaufres d'Augustin(Franchise-Franchising) :The Belgian Waffles-Les gaufres belges [Franchiser of a global salesconcept of belgian artisanal waffles] Belgique,Belgïe,Belgium: la gaufre belge au sucre: aux pépites sucrées ou fourrées.

Where to place your Augustin's Waffles stand for most efficiency?

To begin with, 2 solutions appear.

The first possibility is to add Augustin's Waffles to your existing activity. Whether you have a café, restaurant, bakery, candy-shop, all you need is to set aside a small area to set up the stand " Augustin's Waffles " and you will see your turnover go up immediately.

No matter how your business is set up, if you go for this possibility, always take care that your clients, whether they be passer-byes or at an outside table, can see the waffles cooking. This is really very important.

The second possibility is to be dynamic and enterprising and on the lookout for the best spots to set up your stand for one or more days. You will then be a " nomadic " merchant and your own boss ! The list of good spots is long and I can only get you started thinking about other opportunities : markets, the underground, airports, attraction parks, pedestrian town centres, parks, malls, Open House Days, University campus' local events, concerts, sports events, etc.

Pictures : a few ideas of where
to sell Augustin’s Waffles.
From left to right : a mall,
downtown, sidewalk café.