Les gaufres d'Augustin(Franchise-Franchising) :The Belgian Waffles-Les gaufres belges [Franchiser of a global salesconcept of belgian artisanal waffles] Belgique,Belgïe,Belgium: la gaufre belge au sucre: aux pépites sucrées ou fourrées.

How to set up your stand?

Once you have received all of the elements of the stand, they should be arranged as ergonomically as possible. The stand should be placed slightly back from the edge of the marquee - so that in case of rain, the water doesn't run down the plexiglass.

Keep the foodstuffs (dough and cooked waffles) away from the sink where you will wash your hands, the cash box and the trashcan.

Prepare a table for behind you where you can place the rest of your material - always keeping food and non-food stuffs separate. This is basic hygiene!

Place the advertising panel in the direct vicinity of the stand where it will best attract the attention of passers by.

The waffle iron should be set up in the middle of the stand counter. Place a patty container on the left inside the plexiglass so that customers can see them.

With both the spatula and the two-pronged fork at hand, you are ready to practice the technique that will soon be very familiar - take a patty from your left, cook it in front of you and set it to rest on your right! Serve hot!

Given the quantity of material that is used, good common sense is needed in setting up!