Les gaufres d'Augustin(Franchise-Franchising) :The Belgian Waffles-Les gaufres belges [Franchiser of a global salesconcept of belgian artisanal waffles] Belgique,Belgïe,Belgium: la gaufre belge au sucre: aux pépites sucrées ou fourrées.

How do we manage the deliveries of your orders?

All the material that you order will be delivered directly from Belgium or from the importer for your country. To simplify matters (stocking and transport) all of the elements involved are listed in the catalogue section of this brochure with measurements and weights.

The dough patties are delivered in boxes of 130 pieces for sugared waffles and 60 pieces for the stuffed waffles. From the moment the boxes leave our workshop until you receive them, the cold chain will be uninterrupted. We guarantee that you will receive a product that meets and goes beyond all of the hygienic and foodstuff regulations presently enforced. Once the goods have been delivered, it is your responsibility to maintain the high quality in placing the patties at maximum -18°C, which will ensure freshness for up to 10 months.

Augustin's Waffles will be shipped from our cold storage facilities to your address refrigerated lorry.